Mijiped Models Matchbox Y27-1 Foden Steam Wagon (1922) - War Dept Code 3

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This model is the Mijiped Models Matchbox Yesteryear Y27-1 Foden Steam Wagon (1922) in War Department livery of Olive. This is a code 3 model reworked to represent a tow truck with crane on the rear bed. It comes packed in its original type J maroon box and was issued as a limited edition publicising the Loughborough War Memorial Museum. This is #70 of 400 as shown on the small gold label on the box.

The model has an Olive body, and Black chassis, wheel arches and roof. The boiler, and interior are black. The rear bed has been shortened and a towing crane, in black, has been added.

Coded to the 2002 Yesteryear Book

Body Colour: Olive body & Black chassis
Plated Parts: None
Radiator/Grille: None - black boiler
Wheel Hubs: Black, daisy style
Tyres: Black
Box Type: Type J
Other Comments/Identifying Features: The model has an added black towing crane on the rear bed which has been shortened. The original body type was Type C with shallow wagon panels and no body floor holes. The baseplate is held in place with a front machined rivet and is probably glued at the rear.

Originally issued post 1986 with a stated scale of 1:72. I am not sure when the Code 3 conversion was done.

Item: 3170