Mettoy 810 Clockwork Jowett Saloon Car

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This model is the Mettoy 810 Clockwork Jowett Saloon Car in cream.

It has no opening parts but comes with a key to wind it up that is inserted into the left side of the car. The exterior is painted cream with the grille, headlights and front and rear bumpers as unpainted metal molded as part of the baseplate. The front wheels can be manually adjusted so that the model turns in an arc or circle when wound up and let go.

The interior is metal with a steering wheel fitted to the right side. This model has no glazing.

All wheels are one piece plastic hubs with rubber tyres.

The base plate is unpainted metal and is marked with the Mettoy logo in the centre top, "Made in Great Britain" in the centre middle and " British & Foreign Patents Applied For" in the centre bottom. It is held in place with four rivets.

This model was issued circa 1948.

Item: 1716