Mettoy 3006 Fire Engine - Friction Drive

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This model is the Mettoy Playthings 3006 Friction Drive Fire Engine in red.

It has no opening parts. All detail is litho-printed on the model. The upper body and hood (bonnet) is red. At the front are representations of the grille, headlights and side lights and numberplate [A3006] in black and white. The front windows have the driver and passenger visible. The sides have the outlines of the front doors and windows in which the profiles of the driver and passenger can be seen. Each door has the words "Fire Dept" printed in yellow with a black outline on two lines just below the door handle. Immediately behind this is a black outlined door panel with window and further back is another black outlined panel/hatch with hinges and handle. The rear of the body carries representations of the hose outlet, 3 gauges and 3 hose nozzles. below this is the rear numberplate [A3006] in white on black background, either side of which are two mounting steps flanked by the rear tail lights in red and white. Above the gauge is the legend "Made in Gt Britain". The roof is red with a white on black background "FIRE" sign to the front and a yellow spot light to the left of this. Along the right side of the roof is a yellow and black ladder.

All wheels are black rubber on steel axles. The rear axle passes through the friction drive mechanism that powers the vehicle and makes a siren sound.

The base plate is cream painted metal and is unmarked with the manufacturer's name or country of origin. It is held in place with folded tabs that are part of the body and it is folded up so that the body sits inside the upturned folds.

This model was issued circa 1950s.

Item: 3058