Metosul #3 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyder

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This model is the Metosul Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyder in Mid Blue. It comes packed in its original yellow Metosul cardboard box.

The model has a Mid Blue body with all features cast in to the mold. At the front the grille and bumpers are picked out in silver. The front lights are chrome domes set into the body casting and the side lights are painted orange. The bonnet is cast into the body complete with hinges and body trim, as is the boot, rear bumper (silver), number plate (black), rear lights (orange),and petrol cap to the rear. The sides have cast doors, door handles and Alfa badge.

The interior is black plastic and comprises the seats, steering wheel, and dashboard. A white driver with hat sits behind the steering wheel. The only glazing is the front windscreen which is clear.

All wheels are chromed plastic hubs with 5 round holes and separate rubber tyres. They are mounted on steel axles.

The base is black painted metal which, on this model, has warped (probably due to inferior metal) from behind the front axle to the middle of the base. It is marked "Metosul, Portugal" on two lines at the centre top and "Alfa-Romeo, Giulietta Spyder" on two lines at the centre middle. It is held to the body by two machined rivets. NOTE: After discussions with a number of collectors in New Zealand it has been confirmed that, so far, EVERY blue Alfa #3 model seen here has suffered this base warping, indicating there was probably a batch of metal used, with has some kind of contaminant in it, to produce these bases.

Issued in the 1980s approximately, with a scale of 1:43.

Item: 3411