Maxwell Landrover Pickup

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This model is the Maxwell Landrover in yellow with black plastic bonnet. It comes packed in the original Maxwell cardboard box.

The model has no opening parts other than the bonnet with reveals a crude engine and is clearly produced from a worn set of dies. This may be due to the fact it is a "copy" of the Corgi Landrover. The vehicle body is yellow cast metal and it has two small crystal lenses set into the front as headlights. The grille is painted silver as is the front bumper.

The interior is all white plastic except for the black plastic steering wheel.All glazing is clear plastic.

All wheels are one piece, single  units with a gold 6 spoke patterned hub.

The base plate is yellow painted metal with representations of the exhaust system, suspension, and engine sump. It is held in place by two machined rivets at the front and rear. It is not marked with the manufacturer's name or country of origin.

I am uncertain as to when this was released but assume it was after production of the Corgi item ceased circa 1977.

Item: 3202