Maxwell 574 Riley MPH (1934)

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This model is the Maxwell No. 574 1934 Riley MPH in red and white. It comes packed in the original Maxwell Mini Vintage Car cardboard box.

The model has no opening parts and is not as crude in its styling as is common with some of the Maxwell vehicles. This may be die to the fact it is a "copy" of the Lesney Yesteryear Riley and is reputed to have used old dies obtained from Lesney. The vehicle body is red cast metal with the front lights, horns, and number plate being a separate chrome plated casting held in place by a machined rivet and the grille being a black painted item with chrome surround fitted to the body casting. The rear body has a cast boot lid, petrol cap, and number plate, all painted red.

A silver plastic component forms the front window frame and dashboard, into which is inserted a black plastic steering wheel. Sadly the window frame is broken and missing from this item. The only other item in the "interior" is a white plastic seat and floor component.

All wheels have 12 spoke, chromed plastic hubs, approximately 12mm in diameter, each with a black rubber tyre, and fitted to steel axles.

The baseplate is white painted metal that also forms the shape of the front and rear mud guards and running boards. It is held in place by two machined rivets at the front and rear. It has a cast representation of the chassis rails, gearbox, drive shaft, differential, rear axle, and exhaust system. It is not marked with the manufacturer's name or country of origin.

I am uncertain as to when this was released but assume it was after production of the Lesney item ceased circa 1981.

Item: 3068