Matchbox Yesteryear: Y22-1-D Ford Model A Van (1930) - Bang & Olufsen

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This model is the Matchbox Yesteryear Y22-1-D-1 or 2 Ford Model A Van (1930) in Bang & Olufsen livery. When the Y12 Bang & Olufsen Code 2 release proved so popular, Bang & Olufsen decided to release another van and went ahead and had the special presentation boxes designed and manufactured before Code 2 permission was granted. Apparently the same people were involved in producing this model but, as Matchbox were in the process of stopping the issue of Code 2 permissions, the permission to classify the model as a Code 2 release was never granted. Bang & Olufsen released the model in two different sets of packaging, one for the Dutch market and one for the rest of Europe. They also released two different decal colour schemes (red B&O with black sub text and black B&O with red subtext). Models have been found with two different thicknesses of the black sub text.

This model comes packed in its original silver and black presentation box with Dutch text and is assumed to be the Dutch market release. The model has no opening parts. The vehicle roof is red, the seats are beige plastic, the cab roof type is cream Type "2", the rear van roof is type "C", and the decal is the black B&O with red sub text. The glazing is clear.

Coded to the 2002 Yesteryear Book

Body Colour: Cream body & red chassis
Cab Roof: Cream "Type 2" (raised panel effect) - one piece metal casting covering both cab and van body
Rear Canopy: Red "Type C" plastic roof
Radiator: one piece plastic unit. goldish pale brass plastic grille surround and front lights
Seats: Fawn (beige) plastic
Steering Wheel: Black plastic
Wheel Hubs: Gold, 24 spoke, plastic
Tyres: Black
Plated Parts: Pale Brass colour
Box Type: Silver and Black Special Presentation Bang & Olufsen box
Other Comments/Identifying Features: The model has clear glazing all round, black Bang & Olufsen script with red Det Danske Kvalitetsm√¶rke sub text below on the decal, pale brass grille with molded number plate(?) [6L 31 27 on upperline and CAL 35 on the lower line] with corresponding rear number plate [6L 31 27], and pale brass front bumper. The base plate is held in place with one rivet and two body tabs, has a 3mm hole cast behind the "gearbox" housing and is stamped Y21 Models of Yesteryear.

Issued 1985 approximately, with a stated scale of 1:40.

Item: 3710