Matchbox Yesteryear: Y12-3-N Ford Model T Van (1912) - Hoover - Code 2

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This model is the Matchbox Yesteryear Ford Model T Van (1912) in blue Hoover livery. It comes packed in the original straw coloured box with 75th Anniversary logo and certificate identifying it as #386 of 500 issued. Considered rare due to the low numbers issued. Models without certificates may be models issued to Matchbox directors (very rare) or models where previous owners have lost the certificates.

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In 1982/83 Matchbox Toys supplied the Hoover Company's management with 540 "Hoover" vans painted in aqua blue. They were accompanied by a numbered certificate identifying the model as "accurately depicting the Model T Ford used by "Hoover" in the early 1920's and is a special limited edition produced by "Matchbox" to commemorate the Hoover 75th Anniversary". A further 20 models without certificates are said to have been retained by the Matchbox Company and issued to its directors.

The model has no opening parts. The vehicle roof is white, the seats are tan plastic, the rear door type is Type "3". There is no glazing.

Coded to the 2002 Yesteryear Book

Body Colour: Aqua Blue body & Black chassis
Roof: White
Radiator: Gold
Seats: Tan plastic
Steering Wheel: Black plastic
Wheel Hubs: 12 spoke, Gold
Tyres: Black
Plated Parts: Gold colour
Box Type: I - straw coloured box with 75th Anniversary logo
Other Comments/Identifying Features: The model has Type 3 rear doors (cast lines, no tampo), white rear lights, no hol;e in base of rear body, and no Y12 on base. The baseplate is held in place by three machined rivets. The model is accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity identifying it as number 386 of 500 produced.

Issued in 1982/83 with a stated scale of 1:35.

Item: 3416