Matchbox Yesteryear: Y12-3-B-1 Ford Model T Van (1912) - Camberley News [Code 2]

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This model is the Matchbox Yesteryear Ford Model T Van (1912) in Camberley News livery. It comes packed in the original straw coloured box with correct white label on one end flap stating the model is a "Limited Edition, Promotional Model, 742, Lettering Not Applied By Lesney". This is an Official Code 2 model produced by Gerry Ford and only 750 were produced using Coleman's models purchased directly from a local Lesney wholesaler, Nurding & Peacock. Gerry Ford was a designer from Fleet, Hampshire, England who approached Lesney and the newspaper with his idea of making a quantity of promotional models for the newspapers 75th Anniversary in 1980. The models were stripped of their original labels and painstakingly stencilled with the new signage.

The model has no opening parts. The vehicle roof is black, the seats are black plastic, the rear door type is a red Type "1". There is no glazing.

Coded to the 2002 Yesteryear Book

Body Colour: Yellow body & Black chassis
Roof: Black
Radiator: Gold
Seats: Black plastic
Steering Wheel: Black plastic
Wheel Hubs: 12 spoke, Dark Red
Tyres: Black
Plated Parts: Gold colour
Box Type: I - straw coloured box
Other Comments/Identifying Features: The model has red Type 1 rear doors (single line tampo), red rear lights and "Y12" on the base plate. The base plate is held in place by three machined rivets.

Issued in 1981 with a stated scale of 1:35.

Item: 3328