Matchbox Yesteryear: Y11-2-A-1 Packard Landaulet (1912) - Code 3

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This model is the Matchbox Yesteryear Y11-2-A-1 Packard Landaulet (1912) in Powder Blue and Cream. This is a Code 3 item produced by Ishimar who has used a SCARCE type A based model in this recreation. It was packed originally in the type D1 picture style box and Ishimar has manufactured a D3 picture box to go with this model (the D3 box was used on issues Y11-2-A-2 and Y11-2-A-3).

The model has a single spare wheel on a four prong carrier. The interior consists of black seats, brass steering wheel on bare metal column, and brass dash board.

Body Colour: Cream and Powder Blue
Roof Colour: Mid Blue
Radiator/Grille: Brass
Wheel Hubs: Brass 12 spoke, riveted axles
Tyres: Black, fine tread
Plated Parts: Brass
Box Type: picture type D3 reproduction box, should be picture type D1
Other Comments/Identifying Features: The model has 5 lines of text on its base that read "Models of Yesteryear, Packard Landaulet, 1912" on three lines at the centre top, and "Made in England, By Lesney" on two lines at the centre bottom. The model number "No. 11" is cast on the base just behind the engine sump. The base is held in place by two machined rivets. The base is the SCARCE type A base featuring a separate, unconnected dome in the centre and two mounting holes.

Issued in 1964, with a stated scale of 1:50, this Code 3 item was made in approximately 2016.

Item: 3254

I have received correspondence from Ishimar explaining how the Landaulet came to be rejuvenated.

I have some information regarding your Matchbox Yesteryear Y11 Packard Landaulet (Item 3254) I recently saw on your web site. Although your description is very polite I feel I must justify myself, as I was the villain who was responsible for the loss of a scarce original model. I bought this model on 9th October 2016, one of 48 in a job lot from an Ebay vendor called [REDACTED]. I made a cursory search and didn’t find it to be anything special, the condition was fair but not good, certainly not good enough to think it was worth saving. I re-worked the model and sold it on Ebay to a buyer on Ebay in New Zealand (name and identity withheld for privacy reasons). The model cost me 54p (Sterling) and sold for £8.16 on 19th November 2016. The base isn’t secured with machine rivets but glued with fake epoxy putty rivets, I lost the prong from the spare wheel carrier and the box isn’t meant to be a reproduction, just a generic display box, hence the addition at the bottom of the rear. My apologies if I’ve upset any purist, I always try to root out rare or interesting models and find them a new home even if it means I don’t make a profit.

I responded: "I have a number of your Code 3 Dinky, Corgi and Matchbox. The article is in no way intended to vilify you and you do not need to justify yourself in my eyes - I was simply trying to note that when the casting is examined in detail it turns out to be a casting using a scarce type A base. I'm very happy with the model (indeed with all the models I've got from you). I'm not a purist when it comes to collecting (although I know a few people who are appalled that I like Code 3 models!) and have no feelings either way about the use of models that might later be categorised as having a rare or scarce component. In the "Serious Collector" world we are still finding casting variations that were previously unknown or unrecorded."