Matchbox Yesteryear: Y05-4-H-1 Talbot Van (1927) - Clement Talbot Ltd [Code 3 - Limited Edition]

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This is the Matchbox Yesteryear Y5-4 Talbot Van (1927) in maroon Clement Talbot livery. The model comes packed in its original maroon coloured box. It is a Code 3 limited edition issue depicting a delivery vehicle for Clement Talbot Ltd., of London.

The model has no opening parts other than the rear doors which are painted in the body colour, maroon. The front doors carry a decal of the company's crest* done in either dark yellow or a gold. The rear body sides have decal with a clear or maroon background on which is gold lettering "Talbot, Clement Talbot Ltd., Barlby Rd., Ladbroke, Grove, W.10" on six lines. The rear doors each have the Talbot crest in gold. The vehicle roof is cream, the seats are black plastic, and the tool box lid is brass coloured. There is no glazing.

* The Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot, whose family estate was located near Staffordshire, and his son Ingestre were two enthusiasts who had a liking for fast cars. Lord Shrewsbury saw an opportunity to invest in the emerging car industry to bolster the family fortune and in 1902, he and his son met the French car maker Adolphe Clément for the purpose of launching a joint venture. A name for the venture was found when they combined the names Clement and Talbot. The new company then used the Earl's personal crest to form its trade mark. As the venture was financed jointly by Adolphe Clément and the Earl, the first vehicles produced were known by the name Clément-Talbot.

Coded to the 2002 Yesteryear Book

Body Colour: Maroon body &  Black chassis
Roof: Cream
Radiator: Chrome
Seats: Black plastic
Steering Wheel: Black plastic
Wheel Hubs: 12 spoke, red plastic - possibly not original as they suit the thin tyre fitted.
Tyres: Black, thin, smooth tread - not normal Y5 tyres
Plated Parts: Chrome
Box Type: J - maroon coloured box
Other Comments/Identifying Features: The model has the decals on each side, the crest and "Clement Talbot" as described above. The roof is glued in place. The base plate is black painted metal and is held in place by three large self tapping screws. It is marked "Made in England" under the left running board, "Matchbox, © 1978 No Y-5, Models of Yesteryear, 1927 Talbot Van" on 4 lines to the centre of the base, and "Lesney Products & Co. Ltd" on the underside of the right running board. The limited edition number "193" has been added in white.

Possibly issued circa 1983 to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the Talbot brand, with a stated scale of 1:47. This Code 3 was issued as a Limited Edition and this is item 193 of an unknown quantity.

Item: 3323