Matchbox Yesteryear: Y04-2-A Shand Mason Horse Drawn Fire Engine (1905)

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This model is the Matchbox Yesteryear Y04-2-A-3 Shand Mason Horse Drawn Fire Engine (1905) in red with White horses with grey manes and tails. It was packed originally in the type C line drawing box or D1 coloured picture style box.

The model has two horses attached to the draw bar, a black driver and two firemen with gold hats and tunic buttons, and brass boiler. The body is red and carries type 1 waterslide decals reading "Kent Fire Brigade", in Yellow lettering in a single line, on the sides.

Body Colour: Red body & White horses
Paint Trim: Gold horse collars, grey manes and tails, black driver and two firemen with gold hats and tunic buttons and flesh coloured faces
Radiator/Grille: None
Wheel Hubs: black, 13mm 13 spoke on front; black, 21mm 15 spoke on rear
Tyres: None
Box Type: no box, should be line drawing type C or pictorial style type D1
Other Comments/Identifying Features: The model has 2 lines of text on its base below the rear side footplates that read "Made in, England" on the right and "By Lesney No. 4" on the left. The draw bar is held in place by 1 machined rivet,the rear hose locker is type 1 with rectangular edge beading, and the ashcan to footplate casting is type A (9 full and 3 partial slots). The horses have gold collars, grey manes and tails.

Issued 1960 to 1963 approximately, with a stated scale of 1:63.

Item: 2797