Matchbox Yesteryear: Y03-2-A-1 Benz Limousine (1910)

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This model is the Matchbox Yesteryear Y03-2-A-1 Benz Limousine (1910) in Cream and Dark Green. It comes packed in its original type D3 pictorial drawing box with a special promotional leaflet advertising Jefferson Sales and Service of Houston, Texas.

The model has a Cream body, chassis, running boards and wheel arches and the roof, grille and seats are dark green.

Coded to the 2002 Yesteryear Book

Body Colour: Cream body & chassis
Plated Parts: Brass
Radiator/Grille: Dark Green with brass surround
Wheel Hubs: Brass, 12 spoke
Tyres: Black, fine tread
Box Type: Type D3
Other Comments/Identifying Features: The model has the cream metal steering wheel, 3 prong spare carrier,open rear springs, high position front lamps, separate grille surround and front lamp castings, and the type "A" baseplate with two cast holes. The baseplate is held in place with three machined rivets, each one holding a separate body component.

The enclosed advertising leaflet, with pink string, is yellow card on one side of which is printed a line drawing of the Benz and the following text:


[3] Built around a 4.85 liter 4-cylinder engine, this
1910 Benz was capable of cruising comfortably at al-
most sixty miles per hour. It was also exceptionally well
built — designed to give many years of dependable
service. Our Antifreeze Traffic Department was also de-
signed with service in mind... such as smooth-working
shipping and accounting systems that eliminate your
antifreeze distribution problems, and experienced Traf-
fic Specialists that stay on top of production, canning
and inventory schedules. In short...


The other side of the leaflet lists contact details for the Main Office, Sales Offices and Export Office of the Jefferson company. The reference to [3] makes me wonder if the Jefferson company released a number of Yesteryear items as promotional items for their company, perhaps using the numbers 1-?? and aligning the releases with the current Yesteryears of the time.

Issued 1956 with a stated scale of 1:54.

Item: 2956