Matchbox Yesteryear: Y01-2-A-17b Ford Model T (1911)

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This model is the Matchbox Yesteryear Y01-2-A-17b Ford Model T (1911) in cream. It comes packed in the original Type H woodgrain box.

The model has no opening parts. The body is Cream and the chassis is Red; the seats, roof and radiator grille are a Dark Red* plastic. There is no glazing.

Coded to the 2002 Yesteryear Book

Body Colour: Cream body & Red chassis
Roof: Dark Red, textured
Radiator: Dark Red*
Seats: Dark Red* plastic
Steering Wheel: Black plastic
Wheel Hubs: Chrome, 12 spoke
Tyres: Black
Plated Parts: Brass
Box Type: H
Other Comments/Identifying Features: The model has the 10mm diameter hubs, no holes in the base, unpainted windscreen surround, and single brake lever. The baseplate is held in place by three machined rivets.

*  I have coded this item for the time being as a 17b as issue 17 is described as having RED grille and seats, not DARK RED. I am declaring the colour of the grille and seats on this model as dark red as they are the same colour plastic as the roof plastic (NO shade differences).

Issued between 1974 and 1975 with a stated scale of 1:42.

Item: 2949