Matchbox Yesteryear: Y01-1-A Allchin Traction Engine (1925)

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This model is the Matchbox Yesteryear Y01-1-A-13b* Allchin Traction Engine (1925) in Mid Green with Dark Red, angled tread wheels. It was packed originally in the type C line drawing box or D1 coloured picture style box.

The model has black painted, 6 spoke flywheel, 9 slot floor and detailed shackle pin. The body is mid green with gold boiler door and trim. *For the purposes of my collection this item has been coded as issue 13b as it has FULL gold trim rather than the common 13a issue with PARTIAL gold trim.

Body Colour: Mid Green body
Paint Trim: FULL GOLD TRIM - Gold chimney stack upper and lower rims, steering rack and pinion, cylinder housing head and piston slide rod end, and top and side of reversing gear
Radiator/Grille: Gold boiler door
Wheel Hubs: dark red, 13mm 10 spoke on front with the smooth road surface painted; dark red, 23mm 16 spoke on rear with angled tread unpainted, riveted axles
Tyres: None
Box Type: no box, should be line drawing type C or pictorial style type D1
Other Comments/Identifying Features: The model has 2 lines of text below the front steering rack that read "Lesney" and "No. 1" at parallel to the axle. The steering rack is held in place by a hidden rivet, the floor interior has 9 slots, and the angled rear treads are shaped in a forward chevron pattern. FULL gold trim has been applied to the model.

Issued between 1956 and 1963 approximately, with a stated scale of 1:80.

Item: 2736