Matchbox 1-75: Superfast Value Pack - Ltd Edition Halley's Comet Car

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Over the years I have come across a number of different Value Packs containing from 3 to 10 cars. These do not appear to have been recorded in any reference covering Matchbox Superfast models that I can find. I strongly suspect that most were put together using whatever was currently being manufactured on the assembly line in order to meet the requests of the USA arm of the business. To make it easier to list them on this web site, I have simply used a generic term "Value Pack" and added my own personal database reference number, e.g. Item01046, Item01047, etc., as none of the items seems to carry an individual stock item number.

Item 01044 and Item 01045
This set of three models carries the packaging number (010787) and bar code (35995 10787). It contains a Pontiac Firebird SE in special black Halley's Comet livery, a Ford Sierra XR4i in black racing livery (green stripes and #85), and a 1984 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z in white and blue Goodyear racing livery (sponsor's logos and #8).

The models have no opening parts and all have clear glazing. Each is packed on its own Superfast card (carrying packaging number 010786 and bar code 35995 10786). Although the photos show two different sequences for the models, I don't consider them to be two "variations" as the assemblers may have simply mixed the order of the models in the pack.

Issued between 1985 and 1986 approximately.

Item: 1044, 1045