Matchbox Major Pack: M6-B-1 Racing Car Transporter - BP

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This model is the Matchbox M6-B-1 Racing Car Transporter in green BP livery.

This model has no opening parts apart from the rear door ramp however, inside the rear doors is an operating "hydraulic" ramp that allows the vehicle to carry two racing cars. The two left hand side doors are fixed (cast lines on the body). The front has a silver painted bumper that is actually part of the base plate and a grill and cast headlights (also painted silver). Both sides carry decals with "Racing Transporter", "Le Mans, Sebring, Silverstone, Nurburgring" and "BP Racing Logo". The model sports clear glazing to the front windscreen and has two clear panels in the roof that allow you to look into the cab and the transporter rear.

The interior is white plastic with 2 rows of white plastic seats to represent the driver and passengers seating and a right hand steering wheel in white plastic is inserted in to the dashboard (instrument panel).

All wheels are of the "cast hub" type - one piece plastic hubs with a separate black plastic "rubber" tyre.

The base plate is silver painted metal and is marked with "Racing Car Transporter" on line 1, "Matchbox" Major Pack on the second line, "No. M-6" on the third line, "Made in England" on the fourth line and "by Lesney" on the fifth line in the centre of the baseplate. It is held in place with two machined rivets at the front and two small body locating lugs at the rear.

This model was issued in 1965 only as the Major Pack series was discontinued from 1966 and the most popular toys were incorporated into the "King Size" series (which were introduced in 1960) with new numbers. This model became the K-5-B in 1966.

Item: 1020