Matchbox Dinky DY31 - Ford Thunderbird (1955)

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Flickr - Hugo90 - 1955 ThunderbirdThis model is the Matchbox-Dinky DY-31A2 Ford Thunderbird (1955) in lighter bright red. The first issue (A1) is in a darker bright red than the second issue (A2). The model is based on the 1955 Ford Thunderbird convertible Coupe (2 door).

There are no opening parts on the model. All features are either cast into the metal or comprise separate parts which are attached during the finishing of the model.

At the front, the front bumper and grille are chromed plastic. The headlights are clear plastic lenses set into the body casting and the lower spot(?) lights are formed as part of the bumper molding which may be part of the front grille molding. Above the grille is a tampo printed Ford emblem badge with crossed chequered flags below it. The windscreen wipers are cast as part of the windscreen surround (silver). A chromed air scoop is positioned on the bonnet (hood).

On both sides are chromed louvres to the rear of which is a classic V8 emblem. The door handles are simply cast into the body and are painted silver. Tampo printing at the rear of the sides reads "Thunderbird" in script.

To the rear, the rear lights are represented by cast areas on the tail fins, the number-plate [494-608, 1955 Virginia], in black text on a white background, is centred below the boot (trunk). Immediately above this is another logo with crossed chequered flags and a silver dot representing the keyhole cover. The rear bumper is a simple chromed plastic molding with two large "over-riders".

The interior is red plastic with a red plastic steering wheel set into the red plastic dashboard panel. The seats and inner door panels are picked out in white. A chrome gearstick protrudes from the floor. All glazing is clear.

All wheels appear to be one piece, chromed plastic hubs in the fashion of the plain covered (hub-capped) wheel of the era with separate black "rubber" tyres.

The base plate is black painted metal with the Matchbox logo on the first line, "Matchbox INT'L LTD" on the second line at the top centre. "Made in China" appears on two lines to the right (rear) of this. The registered trademark DINKY appears at the bottom centre with "DY-31 1955 Ford Thunderbird" at the bottom left on four lines and "©1992" at the bottom right under the boot. It also carries a rudimentary representation of the gearbox, drive shaft and differential housing, twin exhaust systems, chassis rails, rear leaf springs, and rear axle. It is held in place by 2 machined rivets and has a central hole through which the self tapping screw locates itself to hold the model to its cardboard plinth.

The packaging carries a five line "Please Note: Some Models may contain fine detail points or edges" in 6 languages on the rear of the packaging and does carry the "CE", British Standards Lion, and the German Recycling symbols on the bottom of the box immediately under the bar code panel and alongside this is a 5 language set of text, as shown in the accompanying photos, and "Made in Macau" in 8 languages immediately below this text plus a further safety message "Caution: Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 36 months" in 9 different languages.

Issue date is 1992 and the scale is said to be 1/43.

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