Matchbox 1-75: MB49-a-14 M3 Personnel Carrier

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I now code all my Matchbox Regular Series 1-75 models against the Stannard's Collectors Catalogue [ISBN 0-9510367-O-X] which covers the years 1953 to 1969 and is based on Stannard's extensive knowledge of the 1-75 series, contributions from Ray Bush, Phillip Bowdidge, Robert Newson and Paul Carr, and the access, granted to him by Matchbox, to Matchbox Toys Limited's archives and production collection. Wherever possible I will also include the relevant reference obtained from Schiffer's Matchbox Toys [ISBN 0-916838-74-9] and other major reference publications. I also use Nick Jones' excellent site to further refine the codings – these codes are identified by the use of [NJ] alongside them.

This is the Lesney produced Matchbox MB49-a-14 M3 Personnel Carrier in Olive.

Stannard Code: 49-a-14
Schiffer Code: 49-a-8
Nick Jones Code: [NJ]49-a-17
Body Colour: Olive
Glazing: None
Trim: None
Base Type: Olive painted metal
Base Details: "No 49" parallel to the rear axle, 4 lines of text: M3, Personnel Carrier, Made in England, By Lesney
Base Fitting: 2 pinched body marks and one body locating lug
Wheels: Black plastic, 10mm x 36 treads, black plastic 7.5mm rear rollers, grey tracks, domed rounded axles
Interior: None
Issued: 1958 to 1967

This version has no ejector ring in the cab area, front axle platform is in the forward position, there are no bogey wheel openings, and the shoulders are cast.

Item: 3696