Matchbox 1-75: MB44-a-1 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

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I now code all my Matchbox Regular Series 1-75 models against the Stannard's Collectors Catalogue [ISBN 0-9510367-O-X] which covers the years 1953 to 1969 and is based on Stannard's extensive knowledge of the 1-75 series, contributions from Ray Bush, Phillip Bowdidge, Robert Newson and Paul Carr, and the access, granted to him by Matchbox, to Matchbox Toys Limited's archives and production collection. Wherever possible I will also include the relevant reference obtained from Schiffer's Matchbox Toys [ISBN 0-916838-74-9] and other major reference publications. I also use Nick Jones' excellent site to further refine the codings – these codes are identified by the use of [NJ] alongside them.

This is the Lesney produced Matchbox MB44-a-1 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud in Metallic Blue.

Stannard Code: 44-a-2
Schiffer Code: 44-a-1
Nick Jones Code: [NJ]44-a-5
Body Colour: Darker Metallic Blue
Glazing: None
Trim: Silver grille, bumpers and headlights, red tail-lights
Base Type: Flat Black painted metal
Base Details: "No 44" at rear behind rear rivet, 4 lines of text: RollsRoyce, Silver Cloud, Made in England, By Lesney
Base Fitting: 2 machined rivets at rear and at front
Wheels: Grey metal, 9.5mm x 18 treads, dome head and crimped axles
Body Modifications: 5 roof pips, 2 ejector ring under roof, 5 pips under bonnet, thin wall braces, type 1 trim with red taillights
Issued: 1958 to 1964


Item: 3242