Lonestar Tuf-Tots 619 Citroen DS Coupe

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This model is the Lonestar Tuf-Tots 619 Citroen DS Coupe in orange.

The model has a one-piece metal body, 55mm in length. It has been molded with representations of the bonnet, doors, boot and Citroen badge cast into the main body. The base is a separate casting that incorporates the interior, front and rear bumpers, and the tow hook. The front glazing is blue and the model has a black plastic top. The original wheels are black plastic and attached to domed steel axles.

The base has the manufacturer's mark "Lone ☆ Star" across the  front axle area. This is followed by "Tuf-Tots, Made In England"  on two lines. To the rear is "Citroen" and across the rear axle area "Scale, 86-1". It incorporates teh front and rear bumpers, the tow hook, and the interior (two rows of seats). The base is held in place by two machined rivets.

I do not know exactly when this item was issued but it would have from 1969 onwards.

Item: 3365