Lonestar 1284 Austin Loadstar MK2 Articulated Lorry

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This model is the Lonestar 1284 Austin Loadstar MK2 Articulated Lorry in red and orange.

The tractor unit is a one-piece cast metal body with molded grille, head lights. side lights, and bonnet. At the sides there are no outlines of the cab doors, but the chassis has a tiny petrol tanks and battery. The articulated trailer is also a one-piece casting with no features other than the wheel guards, "plank" sides and deck, and rear lights.

There is no cab interior or glazing.

There is no base plate on either the cab or trailer. The cab has "Lone ★ Star, Made In England" on two lines under the cab roof. The trailer has a faint "Lone Star" on two lines to the front middle of the under side of the trailer and "Made In England" to the rear middle of the underside.

All wheels are black, one-piece plastic, hub and tyre units on steel domed axles. The axles are held to the chassis of both the tractor unit and the trailer, by means of pinch-clamped posts.

This model was issued between 1969 and the 1976.

Item: 0022