Londontoy #17 Bus

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This is the Londontoy #17 Bus originally issued between 1940 and 1949 in blue, this item being repainted by a former owner in red. It is 98mm long, 33mm wide and 34mm high.

It is a one piece casting with all detail such as grille, bumpers, lights, body lines and trim, etc. cast into the metal. There is no glazing or base to the model. On the under-side the model carries the legend "Londontoy, Bus     No. 17, Made in Canada" cast on three lines under the roof area. The mold number "0" is cast under the cab roof area. The wheels are made of pressed paper or cardboard on flat axles that pass through the wheels and are pinch-clamped to the flat columns that protrude from the body of the model.

Item: 3394