Lledo Ford Model T Van - Ballantyne's 125th Anniversary

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This is the Lledo Ford Model T Van in dark blue and black livery as issued as a limited edition, promotional model to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of J. Ballantyne & Co. of Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1979. It is 70mm long, 34mm wide and 45mm high and this is model 737 of 1060 made.

It is a multiple piece casting, with limited body detail. The body carries detail for the front engine cover louvres, side and rear windows, and rear doors. There is a separate radiator and front headlight component (chromed), and a separate windscreen and side lights component (also chromed). Each side of the van carries litho-printed advertising and decoration — a gold square outline on each front door reading "Estd 1854" on two lines in gold lettering, and a decorative gold logo and "J. Ballantyne & Co." on the rear sides.

The interior consists of a black plastic seat with black plastic steering wheel, but there is no glazing on the model.

The lower, black metal casting incorporates the wheel guard, running board, and front and rear suspension details. Inside this is fitted a black plastic base that reads "Promotional, Model Manufactured, by, Lledo PLC, Enfield EN3 4ND, England" on 6 lines. Parallel to the front axle is what appears to be a decal, in gold numbers, which reads "0737". The plastic base and lower metal casting are fixed to the body casting by a single machined rivet at the front and a body locating lug to the rear.

All wheels comprise 12 spoke metal hubs in a brass/gold colour, with separate black tyre, fitted to steel domed, rounded axles.

This item was issued in 1979 and comes with a certificate of authenticity identifying it as #737 of 1060 issued.

Item: 3646