Linemar J-5012 Commercial Vehicles Set

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This is the Linemar J-5012 Commercial Vehicles Set. This set contained 10 commercial models — it now has only one model. The outer set box carries the reference j-5012 on both ends of the inner slider tray. The outer sleeve depicts a number of commercial vehicles and is marked "Elegant Miniatures, 10 Assorteed" on two lines to the top, "Linemar, Best by Far" on two lines to the to the bottom right, and "Line, MAR, Toys" on three lines (inside a circle) to the bottom left.

The model left in the box is the #5 Euclid Dump Truck in green and grey. It is a two piece casting with all detail such as bonnet, grille, and cab cast into the metal. The rear is a separate casting comprising the dumper tray. There is no glazing or base to the model. On the under-side the model carries no manufacturer's marks or country of origin details, but the right side chassis has a cast "Japan", just behind the cab.

All wheels are black plastic, mounted on steel axles that are domed on one end and crimped on the other. The axles pass through specially moulded loops on the body casting.

It is thought this item was produced in the late 1950s and scales in at approximately 1:160. It comes in its original "Elegant Miniatures" card box, inside the outer set box.

Item: 4591