Lincoln International - Replicar Series - Ford Zephyr Convertible

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This model is the Lincoln International Ford Zephyr Mark 2 convertible from the Replicar Series in red. At 140mm long it scales out to 1:32 scale approximately when compared to the real vehicle's specifications (included on one side of the packaging).

The body is red plastic and has a fixed bonnet and doors but opening rear boot that contains a tiny white plastic suitcase. Silver chromed plastic radiator grill, front number plate and bumpers are attached to the body work, as are front and rear chromed frames for the lights. Clear plastic inserts are in place for the front lights and red plastic inserts represent the rear lights. Interestingly the body work shows four doors although the original vehicle only had two.

The interior is grey plastic with a right hand drive grey plastic steering wheel. The interior molding appears to have been cut or reworked to allow for the intrusion of the friction motor drive wheel and housing which is clearly visible. The glazing is clear.

All wheels are of a one piece, black plastic, tyre molding with a silver plastic insert to represent the old fashioned hub caps that were common on vehicles of this era.

The base plate is a single, black tinplate unit and is marked with "Empire Made" just below the pressed impression that is meant to represent the engine block and drive shaft. It is held in place with a melted plastic rivet bar at the rear. Four small tin rivets hold the friction drive motor in place at the front of the vehicle. The friction motor drives the front wheels of the model although the real vehicle was rear wheel drive as represented by the drive shaft and differential impression on the base plate.

This model was issued in the 1960s. Because it is said to be "Empire Made" it was most likely manufactured by Lincoln in Hong Kong, after they moved manufacturing from Auckland, New Zealand.