Lincoln International 5941 Euclid Dump Truck

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This model is the Lincoln International Cat. No. 5941 Euclid Dump Truck with battery operated remote control in yellow and black. At 185mm long it scales out to 1:38 scale approximately when compared to the real vehicle's specifications (total length 22 feet 10 inches [6959.6mm]).

The body is yellow plastic and has a fixed bonnet and doors but tipping rear body. Black plastic radiator grille and lights are attached to the body work, as is the black plastic exhaust stack (which has a red light bulb inserted). The body is cast with detail such as louvre vent on the bonnet, doors, door handles and hinges, and radiator cap.

There is no interior or glazing.

All wheels are of a one piece, black plastic, heavy duty tyre molding with a grey plastic insert to represent the front and rear hubs.

The base plate and chassis of the model are a single, black plastic unit, shaped to represent additional features such as the cab steps, fuel tank, gearbox, driveshaft and rear differential. It is marked with "Made in Hong Kong" on the under side. A separate black plastic lever has been attached to the base to facilitate the tipping action by a melted "rivet". This lever is connected via a 60mm metal rod to the rear body. The base is held in place with two melted plastic rivets in the centre of the model and a body locating lug at the front. Two small tin or copper rivets hold the battery operated motor in place at the front of the vehicle. The motor drives the front wheels of the model although the real vehicle was rear wheel drive as represented by the drive shaft and differential impression on the base. The motor is connected to the remote via a length of green plastic cable. The remote holds two "C" size batteries and is only capable of moving the vehicle in a forward or reverse line.

The model comes in its original multicoloured cardboard box with two different sets of graphics – one for the dump truck, the other for a Euclid Crane Truck. Both end flaps are marked for the Dump Truck in this case.

This model was probably issued in the 1960s.


Item 2867