Lincoln International 4310 Leyland Atlantean London Bus

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This model is the Lincoln International Cat. No. 4310 Leyland Atlantean London Bus with friction drive in red with "Boy-Oh Boy a Lincoln Toy! All Over the World" advertising. At 200mm long it scales out to 1:45 scale approximately when compared to the real vehicle's specifications (total length 9.14 metres). Alternatively if we assume it is a model of the longer wheelbase bus (10.2 metres) it scales out to 1:51.

The body is red plastic and has no opening parts. All detail is cast into the body apart from the front headlights which are separate cast plastic, chromed to represent the lenses. The body is cast with detail such as front an centre doors, body lines emergency exterior door handles, side destination board (blank), tail lights, rear emergency doors (lower and upper), and roof vents. The top level advertising panels read "Boy-Oh Boy a Lincoln Toy! All Over the World" in black text on a yellow background on both sides. The front destination board reads "12" in black lettering on a yellow background, with a smaller inset black panel with yellow lettering that reads "Wembley". The rear destination panel reads the same. Also to the rear bottom is a silver, unprinted sticker that I believe to be a representation of the numberplate. Finally, on the the side to the rear of the centre doors, there is clear backed decal reading "Enter Here" in white letters - not particularly accurate as I believe theses were designed and operated with a front entry and middle exit in mind – but then it is a toy after all!.

There is a very primitive lower interior consisting of very thin plastic shaped to cover the friction drive motor and wheels that has bumps indicating seating for passengers and the driver. This type of interior is repeated on the upper section with seating and the surround for the stairs (which are not modeled). There is no glazing.

All wheels are of a one piece, chromed plastic, 8 stud hub with separate heavy duty rubber tyre.

The base plate and chassis of the model are a single, black plastic unit, shaped to represent additional features such as the suspension springs. This base looks to have been cast to serve a dual purpose as there is an indentation in the centre that may have been designed for a simple switch. This vehicle however has no battery box and is powered by a friction drive motor so there may also be a battery operated remote control version of the bus also. It is marked with "Made in Hong Kong" on the rear under side and "Lincoln International" in the centre immediately behind the switch recess. The base is held in place by three self tapping screws, one in the centre of the front and two at the rear corners. Four small tin or copper rivets hold the friction drive motor in place at the rear of the vehicle.

The model comes without its original multicoloured cardboard box.

This model was probably issued in the 1960s.


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