Lincoln (NZ) Motorway Mini 4304 Massey Harris Tractor

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This is the Lincoln (NZ) 4304 Massey Harris Tractor issued in the mid 1960s as part of the Motorway Mini Series in bare metal. The bare metal models appeared in McKenzie's and Wolworth's (large nationwide general goods department stores) in the mid 1960s as Lincoln Industries dumped large quantities of NZ made product as they were moving/had moved manufacturing to Hong Kong. They were usually found in large "bins" near the doors and were sold without packaging, a mixture of the castings simply being dumped, in quantity, into the display bins and sold at a much lower price than the range normally sold for.

This version of the model is a one piece casting with simplistic detail such as engine, driver, steering wheel, body lines and exhaust stacks, etc. cast into the metal. There is no glazing or "base" to the model. The body is unsprayed, bare metal. On the under-side, the model carries no manufacturer's marks or country of origin. The original pointed axles pass through the bare metal casting and carry solid metal wheels (knobbly tread on the rear and smooth discs on the front) and the wheels are press fitted to the axles.


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