Matchbox Giftware - Souvenirs by Matchbox #205 - Single Pen Stand with Boeing 747

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This collectible is the Lesney Giftware/Souvenirs by Matchbox Onyx Single Pen Stand in metal and simulated green onyx. The stand has a slightly moveable pen holder in gold with Black desk pen.

The base is simulated green onyx with a chamfered front edge. The top of the base features a gold pen holder that rotates slightly and holds a black plastic desk pen. Next to this sits the model of the Boeing 747 with white upper body and gold lower body and stand. The upper body has 4 paper labels with the front labels on either side of the cockpit area reading "British airways" in blue text and the two rear tail fin labels bearing the relevant BA logo of the day. The underside of the base has a foam cover on it to stop the item sliding on the table top.

The item comes in the appropriate packaging of the time, an olive green, and white cardboard box, marked "Souvenirs by Matchbox" on the top and ends, and with details of the registered trademarks and Lesney's address printed in white on the rear. There is a red inner cardboard lining that holds the pen and the pen stand base in place inside the outer packaging.

This item was first issued circa 1974 and last issued in 1978.

Item: 1888