Matchbox Giftware - Souvenirs by Matchbox #015 - Ceramic Ashtray with Rolls Royce

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This collectible is the Lesney Giftware/Souvenirs by Matchbox Ceramic Ashtray with Rolls Royce in green ceramic and chrome. The item features no moving parts.

The green ceramic base is in the shape of an ashtray with three grooves to the right hand side. To the rear right sits the Y10-3-A-3 (or 4) Rolls Royce Silver Ghost in a chrome finish with dark red seats and radiator grille. The vehicle body casting has the Type B rear panel(2 lines) and the base carries Type B springs. The underside of the base is heavily modified with the addition of two cast pillars into which the fixing screws go. It is marked "Models Of Yesteryear, "Matchbox" No. Y-10" at the centre top on two lines, "1906, Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, Made in England By Lesney" at the centre bottom on three lines, and "© 1969, Lesney Prod & Co Ltd." at the rear, across the base, behind the rear axle.

The ashtray comes in the appropriate packaging of the time, a white and orange display window cardboard box, marked "Souvenirs by Matchbox" on the top and ends and with details of the registered trademarks and Lesney's address printed in white on the rear. The interior of the box has a red cardboard inner to hold the ashtray in place.

This ceramic item first appears in the 1974 catalogue — the casting features place this item as being produced between 1975 and 1976. My thanks to Kevin Bailey (Ghosthunter) for his help in identifying the particular casting used on this item.

Casting Features: A close inspection of the casting used on this item reveals the following:
1. The model has the Mark I grille with star shaped radiator cap and small (4.6mm diameter) headlamps;
2. It has 11.5mm diameter hubs;
3. The front passenger side axle housing is the revised larger casting (with step) introduced in 1976;
4. The rear spring casting (passenger side) does not have the casting fault that first appeared in 1976;
5. The rear lamp has no faults (a small pip appeared at the bottom right of the lamp in 1979);
6. It has the revised version of the hand brake lever mounting block (with circular addition) introduced in 1972.

Item: 2981