Matchbox Giftware - Souvenirs by Matchbox #452 - Gun Bookends

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This collectible is the Lesney Giftware/Souvenirs by Matchbox #452 Gun Bookends Set in metal and timber. The bookends feature no moving parts.

At the front of both ends the base has a paper label in green with white and black text on it. The white text reads "Joseph Egg No.1 Piccadilly" in a curve on the top line, and "London" on the second line, flanked by black text dates that read "1820" on the left and "1860" on the right. The remaining three lines of script read "Double Barreled Flintlock pistol, of the type made by Joseph Egg a member of , the renowned family of Royal Gunmakers". All four edges of the base are square and imprinted with an imitation scroll work effect. The underside of the base is plain.

The front of both uprights has a half casting of a pistol attached. Although cold to the touch, this casting does not attract a magnet so I am uncertain what metal alloy has been used. The pistol is quite ornate and detailed to the extent it has been stamped with "JOSH EGG" where the original would have been marked. The handle of the pistol appears to be plastic. All exposed edges of the upright have been chamfered and imprinted with a larger imitation scroll work effect. The rear of the upright is plain and only the two screws that hold the pistol casting in place disrupt the smooth surface.

The bookends come in the appropriate packaging of the time, a brown, white and orange cardboard box, marked "Souvenirs by Matchbox" on the top, "Gun Bookend by Matchbox" on the front, and with details of the registered trademarks and Lesney's address printed in white on the rear.

Item: 1886