Matchbox Giftware - Lesney Veteran Car Gifts DT-1S/11-1S - Ceramic Double Tray with Ford Model T

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This collectible is the Lesney Veteran Car Gifts DT-1S/11-1S Ceramic Double Desk Tray in black with chrome Ford Model T.

The double trays are molded in to the desktop stand which is black ceramic. To the rear sits the model of the Ford Model T which is plated in a silver chrome finish and has red roof and bright red radiator grille and seats.

The item comes in the appropriate packaging of the time, a Red and Gold cardboard box, marked "Lesney Veteran Car Gifts" on the top and details of the range of items available on the ends. There is a plain brown, inner heavy cardboard lining that holds the tray in place inside the outer packaging.

This ceramic item was first issued between 1966 and 1972 - this particular style of tray was not released after 1972 and the range was completely renumbered by 1974. Due to the outer packaging this item is thought to be an early release as the style of packaging changed in the late 1960s.

Item: 2983