Matchbox Giftware - Gifts by Lesney #624 - Blue Ceramic Perpetual Calendar with Rolls Royce

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This collectible is the Lesney Giftware/Gifts by Lesney #624 Ceramic Perpetual Calendar with Rolls Royce in blue ceramic and gold. The item features no moving parts other than the date cubes.

The ceramic base is blue and rectangualr. To the right is the calendar comprising a cast metal frame that houses the black day and date cubes and the pen stand (pen missing). The left features a gold 1906 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost (Y10-3-A-1,2,3,or 4) with dark red seats and grille.

The item comes without its original packaging. This ceramic item was first issued in 1974 on a black base and last issued on the blue base in 1978 only, just before the Giftware range was deleted.

Item: 2962



Hello Ian and fellow collectors.

The Rolls-Royce shown in Ian's pictures can be identified as a very late plated version. From the pictures I can see details that date it as from 1978 production, but the grille casting looks to be of the Mk1 design so may be old stock (quite common on 'Yesteryear' models). The other details confirm this as a 1978 casting baseplate with the front axle step, the rear spring fault and not very clearly seen but sure they are...the 'Wider' type axle housing braces. The model has the 26 mm rear seat moulding and it should have the last type of brake levers mounting point.

Two more pictures could confirm my findings. One picture looking side on at the grille but still showing some of the bonnet and a picture similar to the baseplate picture, but angled so I can see the inside edge of the front and rear axle housing, in particular where the steel axles go through the holes in the spring areas, hope that is clear!!

Best regards from the Ghosthunter!

Thanks for the additional information Kevin - I will see what I can do about getting those photos up asap...