Leslie Henry 2 Door Sedan (Large)

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This is the Leslie Henry 2 Door Sedan in purple. It is 162mm long, 52mm wide and 50mm high.

It is a one piece casting, using borrowed or leased dies from the Canadian Londontoy company, with all detail such as bumpers, lights, body lines and trim, etc. cast into the metal.

There is no interior or glazing on the model.

Leslie Henry issued these models with an additional chassis and bumper unit which is one of the only ways to differentiate the Leslie Henry toys from those produced by Londontoy which did not have a separate chassis. The chassis has a rudimentary representation of the engine sump, gearbox, drive shaft, axles, and rear differential, together with the chassis rails and front and rear bumpers. On the under-side the model carries no identification of the manufacturer or country of origin. The mold number "4" is cast under the tanker - it is a reverse image indicating it had been cast or stamped in to the mold the "proper" way round so it could be easily read.

All wheels are solid rubber with the round headed steel axles passing through the chassis casting.

Item: 3790