Kingsbury Cord

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This model is the Kingsbury Toys 2 Door Cord in red and white. The item is tinplate and comes without friction or clockwork drive which is unusual for a Kingsbury toy and there is no sign of one ever having been included.

The model has a three-piece, pressed metal body, 330mm in length. It has been shaped with rudimentary representations of the body lines. There is no glazing - all the features are pressed into the body with the exception of the front and side grille decoration. The interior is represented solely by a seat pressed as part of the main body. The white windscreen and roof are a separate pressing and attached to the body by means of 4 small tin tabs. The front wheel guards and lower "chassis" is a separate pressed component attached to the main body by 2 tin tabs. The main body is shaped so that two long pillars pass through the front wheel guard component to hold the front axle.

All of the original four wheels are present - solid black rubber hub and tyre items, each with a spoked cap, mounted on flat head steel axles. The front axle passes through the tin pillars extending down from the  main body component and the rear axle passes through the rear body work.

There is no base plate and the only identification is on the rubber wheels which read "Kingsbury Toys   Keene N.H.  U.S.A." around the wheel.

I do not know exactly when this item was issued but believe it to be the mid to late 1930s.

Item: 4047