Kemlow M-12 (Master Models) Armoured Quad Tractor

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This model is the Kemlow M-12 (Master Models) Armoured Quad Tractor in Olive.

A lot of detail is cast into the body including the grille, the doors and handles, the body lines, body panel rivets, Gunner's roof hatches and roof vents. On the front left wheel arch and right rear body corner are a red and yellow "insignia" that appear to be painted on rather than being decals.

There is no interior or glazing.

The base plate is cast metal (olive) and incorporates the front and rear wheel arches. It is marked "Made in England" on two lines in the centre middle. It devoid of all other markings or casting detail apart from the covers that hold the axles in place. At the rear a cast metal tow hook (now broken) is riveted in place using the body rivet, and the front is held in place with a body locating lug.

All wheels comprise a cast metal hub (olive), similar in style to the early Dinky hubs, and separate rubber tyre.

This model was issued in the 1950s.


Item: 2879