Kembo Jowett Police Car

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This model is the Kembo Jowett Police Car in black. See THIS PAGE on Kembo for details on this brand's history.

The model is a two piece casting featuring cast head lights and grille, body trim, doors, and front and rear bumpers. The body casting is remarkably similar, but bigger, than the Jolly Roger Plymouth in several ways except for the grille. This casting has been described as a Jowett by some and as a Packard by others. The second part of the casting is the combined roof sign and speaker horn.

At the front we have the lights, grille, and bumper which have been highlighted in silver. The headlights are cast into the top of the wheel guards. The sides have cast door outlines but no handles, and the rear has a faintly cast boot lid and number plate in the body colour with a silver rear bumper. The roof sign has the word "POLICE" in black on a white background – it is a printed paper label.

There is no interior or glazing.

All wheels are painted black metal, pressure fitted to metal axles that do not pass through the wheel. The axles are held in position by 4 cast pillars that protrude down from the body casting, beside each wheel well.

There is no base plate, but the underside of the body casting is marked "Kembo, Product" on two lines under the roof, and "Made, in, England" on three lines under the bonnet.

I'm not sure when this model was issued, but probably between 1948 and 1952.

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