Jordan & Lewden (River Series) Field Gun

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This model is the Jordan & Lewden (River Series) Army Field Gun in Olive. Although sold to me as a Benbros Field Gun, it does not conform to the reference guides for the Benbros due to the solid cast wheels (the references refer to wagon wheels or metal hubs with separate tyre for the Benbros Field Gun). When compared with my mint and boxed Jordan & Lewden Covered Army Wagon and Field Gun Set, the casting and assembly of the parts is identical except for the cast metal wheels, however since my set has cast plastic wheels, these cast metal wheels are probably of an earlier issue. Indeed when the cast metal wheels are compared with older Jordan & Lewden items, the wheels appear to be identical and of the same size.

The field gun appears to have been cast in three parts, the barrel, the trailer chassis, and the front shield, which conforms with the assembly of the boxed set's field gun. There are no identifying marks, other than "Made In England" cast to the rear of the shield, also the same as the boxed set. There is a spring and wire firing mechanism fitted to the barrel, identical to the set. The shield appears to be held to the chassis by two small rivets, and in turn it holds the gun barrel in place as does the boxed set's shield.

The wheels are solid metal hub and tyre shapes, press fitted to a steel axle that is pinch clamped to the shield casting. These wheels appear identical to, and are of the same size to, the cast metal wheels on early Jordan & Lewden items in my possession.

This model was probably issued in the 1950s, possibly circa 1953.

Item: 4042