Jordan & Lewden (River Series) Army Well Deck Lorry

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This model is the Jordan & Lewden (River Series) Army Well Deck Lorry in Olive.

This simplistic casting is of a forward control lorry with detail cast into the body including the grille, the doors and handles, the body lines, front bumper and headlights. This is the first body casting with 10 lines cast into the lower grille area. The casting is in two parts, the main body and cab casting and the rear tray casting. There are military insignia on the grille and rear of the model.

There is no interior or glazing.

There is no base plate. The under side of the cab roof is marked "Made in England" on two lines. It is devoid of all other marking or casting detail apart from the pillars that hold the axles in place. At the rear three cast metal rivets hold the rear body tray in place.

All wheels should comprise a single piece, solid rubber hub and tyre shape. However onth is model the front wheels have been replaced by an 8 spoke plastic hub and tyre unit. They are attached to the steel axles which have burred, not crimped, ends. The cast pillars are pinch crimped to hold the axles in place.

This model was issued in the 1950s, possibly circa 1953.

Item: 3774