Jolly Roger Plymouth Sedan

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This model is the Jolly Roger Plymouth Sedan in black. See THIS PAGE on Jolly Roger for details on this Welsh company.

The model is a single casting featuring cast head lights and grille, body trim, doors, and front and rear short bumpers. This is probably a later casting as the earlier casting had longer bumpers but may just be a result of poor quality control where the bumpers broke during fettling — however having said that there is no evidence of this on the ends of the bumpers which appear uniformly shaped under the original silver paint when viewed using a strong magnifying glass.

At the front we have the lights, grille, bonnet handle, and bumper highlighted in silver. The headlights are cast into the inside edge of the wheel guards. The sides have cast door outlines but no handles, and the rear has a faintly cast boot lid and handle in the body colour with a silver rear bumper.

There is no interior or glazing.

All wheels are painted black metal, fitted to metal axles that are crimped at both ends. The axles are held in position by 4 cast pillars that protrude down from the body casting, beside each wheel well.

There is no base plate, but the underside of the body casting is marked Jolly Roger, Made in, Wales on three lines just behind the front windscreen.

This casting is thought to have been used by Jolly Roger (TREMO Mouldings) between 1946 and 1948. It was originally made from a modified Gasquy-Septoy mold.

Item: 3129