John Gay Bedford CF Van - Falck Zonen

Item 3953 


This model is the Dinky 410-H-x Bedford CF Van in red "Falck Zonen" livery. It comes without its Dinky packaging. I have now been fortunate enough to obtain a copy of "The Great Book of Dinky Toys" by Mike & Sue Richardson which has a list of items on page 273 that were issued by John Gay. This model is included on that list but since the list is alphabetical, a full code cannot be assigned to the model as it is not known in which order the models were actually issued.

This model has no working parts. At the front the headlights, grille, bumper, number plate [cast lettering in silver: AM27K] have been painted silver. On the bonnet front is a yellow on red "FALCK" label. Each side carries a paper label on the door with the Falck Zonen crest, a label representing a roller door hatch on the lower front rear side, and, on the rear upper sides, "FALCK" in white lettering on a red background. The rear lights, bumpers and number plate are cast into the body casting but are not highlighted by any alternate colour. The rear doors (cast, non-opening) carry a cast "Bedford" badge. The roof is probably a "Type S" - ribbed roof with square in the middle, however on this model an additional white metal casting runs down the centre of the roof. This new casting looks to have carried a ladder, now missing, and has two small blue roof lights.

The interior is white plastic and the glazing is clear, with a faint blue tint, with molded wipers and interior rear view mirror at the front and a line down each side door window. There is no glazing in the rear doors.

All wheels are of the "speed wheel" type - hollow one piece plastic with a "black" 8 spoke center "hub".

The base plate is "silver" plated tin plate and is marked with Dinky Toys on two lines at the centre top, "Bedford Van" in the centre middle and Made in England at the centre bottom. It is held in place with two machined rivets.

This model is thought to have been issued in the late 1970s.

Item: 3953