Joal 149 Volvo Coach - Swiss Postal Bus (PTT)

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This model is the Joal 149 Volvo 49 seat Coach in yellow and cream, Swiss Postal Bus (PTT) livery.

The model has a two piece metal body, 240mm in length, comprising the lower coach body to the top of the luggage compartment doors and the upper coach body to the roof. The lower body has been molded with representations of the luggage compartment doors on the sides and the rear panel, including the numberplate at the rear. Fitted to the lower body part are two opening luggage compartment doors on the left hand side and one on the right hand side and a right hand side passenger door that extends up into an opening on the upper body component. The upper body component is quite plain, housing the windows and an opening for the right hand side passenger door. The roof has been cast with the usual air-conditioning vents and refrigeration unit and some square panels. I've never known what these panels represent, perhaps they are just a design feature that strengthens the roof structure, but I'm sure some bus-nut out there (said with affection) will let me know in due course.

At the front of the bus is the black plastic grille and bumper casting that is clipped to the lower body casting. The grille casting also contains two clear lenses representing the headlights that are inset into the casting. The park and indicator lights are merely cast indents in the lower portion of this casting. The rear bumper is also black plastic and clipped to the lower body. Above it are two red lenses representing the tail lights.

The interior is a pale grey plastic with black plastic left hand drive steering wheel. The glazing is clear all round with, possibly, the faintest of light grey tinting. The interior has the driver's seat and 49 passenger seats.

The baseplate is the lower body casting and has an excellent representation of the steering system; suspension; lower motor, gearbox, air compressors and reservoirs; drive shaft and differential; chassis elements and spare tyre. Behind the front wheels is "Volvo Coach", above the centre line, and "Made in Spain     1:50" below the centre line. The Joal logo is cast between the suspension arms, just behind the rear axle.

All wheels are of a commercial style — one piece, solid plastic hubs attached to metal axles and with separate rubber tyres.

I do not know when this item was issued but believe it to be circa November 1990 which is when the packaging was printed.

Item: 1826