Irwin Wallace and Gromit Figures

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These items are Irwin Wallace and Gromit Figure Sets incorporating 4 figures each.

Set 1 (Item 1266)
This set contains Wallace, Wendoline, Shaun (the sheep) and Preston (the dog). Wallace appears in white shirt, red tie, blue overalls and black boots. Wendoline is wearing yellow cardigan, green dress, white blouse and brown shoes. Shaun is cream with black face and has a brown zig-zag around his middle. Prestin is a greyish brown with black studded collar and "arm cuffs".

Set 2 (Item 1267)
This set contains Wallace, Wrong Trousers, Feathers McGraw (the penguin) and Gromit (the dog of course!). Wallace appears in white shirt, red tie, Brown trousers and black shoes. Wrong Trousers are dark green with gold belt "buckle", black hydraulic leg coverings, brassy legs, black socks and green shoes with black soles. Feathers is Black with white tummy (of course), has an orangy beak and pink legs and feet. Gromit is a very pale tan/beige everywhere except for his dark brown ears and tail, and black nose.

Date of issue is unknown but thought to be 2009-ish.

Item: 1266, 1267