Hotwheels 9114 Homer Simpson's Nuclear Waste Van

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This is the Hotwheels 9114 Homer Simpson's Nuclear Waste Van in yellow.

The van is a rudimentary "Step-thru" type of van, with no indication of whether it is supposed to be a cartoon van or to represent one that you might see on the streets of the USA.

The exterior of the van is painted yellow and it appears to have been tampo printed to read "Driver Homer Simpson", "Danger", "Nuclear Waste" and "Free Delivery" on both sides. The rear of the van is clear plastic and when looked through, an image of Homer panicking in the rear can be seen. The interior is white plastic and minimalist - while it does carry a represntation of the dashboard and steering wheel, there appears to be no driver's seat!

All wheels are of the standard Hotwheels 5 spoke speed wheel type.

The black plastic base plate is molded to include the rear bumper and front bumper, grill and lights. It is attached using a single rivet at the front and a body clip/tab at the rear.

This model was released circa 1990.

Item: 1038