Hess Oil Co - 2004 Miniature Tanker Truck

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This model is the Hess 2004 Miniature Tanker Truck in white with green Hess Gasoline livery.

The vehicle has no opening parts.At the front is a chrome grill and red bumper with headlights represented by clear plastic with a silver surround on either side in the yellow wheel well. The number plate is white with green lettering [HESS]. The rear bumper is red and the rear licence plate reads [2004]. The bonnet, doors, and mirrors are all detailed into the green cab of the vehicle. The windows are done in black plastic. The tank is done in white with 3 chrome caps at the top and a black rubber pipe that loops around from the top near the first cap, under the bottom and up and over to the truck chassis. At the top of the cab are a row of 5 red lights. The battery driven lights can be turned on by a switch disguised as the first cap on the top of the model.

All wheels are chromed hubs with a combined red surround and a black plastic tyre.

Item: 2233