Hess Oil Co - 2001 Miniature Racer Transport

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This model is the Hess 2001 Miniature Racer Transport in white with green Hess Gasoline livery with free moving racer. The racer is equipped with a micro friction motor that will run in forward or reverse direction. The transporter has a small switch on the base which actives the battery driven lights.

The racer transport has no opening parts. At the front is a joined chrome grill and bumper that have been inserted into the main body. The headlights are represented by clear plastic inserted into the green wheel wells while the indicators are represented by amber plastic. The number plate is white with green lettering [HESS]. The rear bumper is separate chrome plastic inserted into the main body. The rear licence plate reads [HESS 2001]. The bonnet, doors and window surround are all detailed into the main body of the vehicle.Below the doors on both sides of the model are chrome steps and at the back of the cab is a chrome exhaust pipe. The top of the trailer is done in chrome with lights represented by amber plastic. On the back of the trailed is a black plastic car ramp with chrome rails on either side. The windows are done in black plastic. All wheels are chromed hubs with red surround and a separate black plastic tyre.

The racer has no opening parts. The entire vehicle has been detailed into the main body the only exception is the green spolier at the rear of the vehicle. The rear lights have been picked out in orange and the numberplate reads [HESS 2001]. The windows are done in black plastic and the wheels are white plastc hubs with black rubber tyres.

Item: 2234