Hachette 1957 Fiat 500

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This model is the Hachette Fiat 500 (1957) in White from the Century Of Cars series. The casting is a Solido casting. It comes with its original Century of Cars packaging.

There are no opening parts on this model. All features are either cast into the metal or comprise of separate parts which are attached during the finishing of the model. At the front we have a chromed bumper, number plate, Fiat grille badge, and two headlights comprising clear lenses set into chromed surrounds. The front windscreen has two molded wipers cast into it. To the sides are front indicator lights, door handles and trim that has been tampo printed in silver. The doors themselves are simply cast in to the body but feature raised castings for the hinges and door handles. The casting is correct for the period with "suicide" doors, i.e. they are hinged to the rear of the vehicle so they open at the front of the car instead of in the middle. The rear of the model has a cast engine cover with louvres and handle (in the body colour), a separate chromed rear number plate and plate light, and two red plastic lenses for the rear lights. The roof is open and has a folded roof tonneau in black plastic.

The interior is dark brown plastic and features the two front and single rear bench seat. It has a cream plastic, left hand drive steering wheel, set into the cream dashboard, and cream gear stick and hand brake lever. The glazing is clear plastic.

All wheels appear to be one piece, plastic hubs in the fashion of the hub-capped wheel of the era with separate white-walled "rubber" tyres.

The base plate is black plastic with "SOLIDO" at the top centre under which is a tiny "Scale: 1/43" and "Fiat 500, 1957" on two lines at the centre bottom. It also caries a rudimentary representation of the front and rear suspension, lower engine and gearbox, and exhaust system. It is held in place by 2 small self-tapping screws.

The scale is said to be 1/43.

Issue date is circa 2003.

Item: 3694