HT (HK): 03 Ford Zephyr - plastic

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This model is the HT (HK) 03 Ford Zephyr in orange plastic. This is most likely a copy of the MB33b.

The model has all detail cast into the main body casting. At the front the bumper has been highlighted in silver via mask spraying. The rear bumper is also highlighted in silver. The interior is brown plastic and includes a white plastic driver and white plastic steering wheel. There is no glazing.

The base is brown plastic and appears to incorporate the interior seats. It is marked with the HT trademark (H and T, each inside a right angle triangle, the two triangles forming a third triangle), "Made in Hong Kong" on a single line parallel to the rear axle, and a large "3" between these two other markings. The base also shows evidence of some other markings having been deleted from the die (rather crudely). The base is fixed to the body by means of melted plastic pins.

The wheels and axles are black plastic, one piece units, press fitted to clips moulded into the base.

Probably issued in the late1960s or during the 1970s.

Item: 4597