Guiterman-Mak's (HK) #2062 Commer Police Van - Plastic Copy of Corgi 464

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This model is the Guiterman-Mak's (HK) #2062 Commer Police Van in blue. This is an oversized plastic copy of the Corgi 464-A-3 at 165mm long, 84mm wide, and 68mm high.

The model features a blue plastic body. At the front the grille, bumper, and head and side lights, plus the Commer badge are in chromed plastic. All other features are cast into the body casting — cab doors and handles, side window bars, and roof air vents. The rear lights are red plastic lenses, and the rear bumpers are chromed plastic. On the roof is a red and white "flashing" light (no longer working as the model has had this mechanism stripped out when the model was repaired by a former owner). Both sides carry an appropriate "County Police" label.

The model has a part interior in red plastic consisting of the front seats, dashboard, and white plastic steering wheel. The front cab area glazing is clear with the side and rear glazing being white plastic.

All wheels consist of chromed plastic hubs, each with black rubber tyre, pressure-fitted to steel axles. The front axle passes through the friction drive motor. The rear axle has a cam on it that would have operated the "flashing roof light" feature.

The base plate is black plastic with Mak's (inside an oval) to the top centre. This is followed  by "No. 2062", and "Made in Hong Kong" in tiny text on the third line. At the centre bottom is 'Commer, Police Van" on two lines. The base is fixed through the use of a solvent glue and incorporates the friction drive cover. This base has obviously been reglued (poorly).

The model comes packaged in a colourful, pictorial card box. On the top and bottom is scene depicting the Police Van on a country road with castle and lake i nthe background. The bottom left hand corner carries a logo reading "Guiterman of London Est 1876" on 4 lines in white text on a red oval background. The right and left sides are black, with a blue van to the left, "with Flashing light" in white to the top centre, "County Police Van" in red on two lines in the middle, and "Accurate Scale Model with Powerful Friction Motor" in white (or is it yellow?) text at the bottom. The end flaps are red with a yellow section in which "County Police Van" appears in red. This section also has the Guiterman logo and black text that reads "A Guiterman Group Production". Lastly, at the bottom on the red background, in black text, is "No. 2062" and "Made in Hong Kong".

This model was probably issued in the mid to late 1960s.

Item: 778